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Yes, we know. Wow, Fay looks like the sweetest, most innocent Girl-Next-Door, if you lived in Pattaya that is, but the word on this delightful little package of goodness is that she is the very nicest kind of nasty when you get her into your room.
Some girls were just born to please and this sexy Thai treat is no doubt about it one of those wonderful naturally gifted types who was born with a staggeringly stunning body

English: Basic

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  • I met Fay and Gwen in my holiday. Nice ladies who work hard to make me satiesfied.

  • Only saying. This girl was number one.

  • Fay is a beautiful woman, very friendly and gentle. Great, firm body, amazing eyes, incredible skin. I enjoyed every moment with her.

  • I heard about Devil’s Den club before. Yesterday tried first time overnight booking with Fay. I had a very good time with her. What a pretty young lady. I agree with other comments about her. I spent in Pattaya over one week already and tried many girls. Fay was the best so far. She looks young and innocent in bed (like school girl) but she knows well what she is doing. Although her English is basic her skills speak for herself. She is little bit darker and slimmer in real life then on photos and very friendly and relaxed by nature. She has very smooth and touchable skin too. She can do very good Blowjob and Anal sex. And if you warm her up before sex she will leave you breathless. She can really deliver in bed as long as you can handle her. She can make you cum again and again as long as you can do it. She does not waste time in bed and like real action. Thank you Fay and DD club. I will be back again. Thanks Mike for booking.

  • I absolutely agree the profile Information!!! An more beautiful girl next-door i never met. Thanks for the nice time i spent with her. I will never forget.

  • The best girl in Pattaya she is absolutely awesome I wish I could have her every night she is like a girl friend which u never had n will ever have it's like dream come true I'll be back only for her

  • Oh my Buddha, what an amazing lady. I had a 2 Hrs encounter with her during my trip few days back.

    1 - Great BJ skills.
    2 - Eager to please, ready to do almost everything you can imagine.
    3 - Laughs a lot. Very friendly, although she needs some time to get familiar with you.
    4 - Cleanliness and safety first for her, very good.

    There is nothing much as negative. She is so submissive, if she could become a little bit intractable would be a more pleasurable.

    The photo in the website doesn't justify her. She is more petite and a bit less white compared to the picture. If you are planning to book her, don't have a second thought. Just book her as long as you can, you never gonna regret it!

  • Very good sense of humor and awesome BJ skills. She is GFE material and laughs a lot. Highly recommended!

  • Well i had the pleasure of fay and Cory for an overnight visit last night. All i can say Lady's is OUTSTANDING! I will see you again.

  • Fay is so beaitiful young lady!!! I booked her for an overnight and now after 3 weeks I am still thinking about her! Spent time with in the club where she dance as a pro, spent time in the swimming pool where she was lke a marmaid, spent time in the bedroom where she was a ps actress! Very beautiful body and skin, very good skills, naughty, very beautiful face, kiss good, take care good and all in all 10 stars!!!
    DD also very professional. One friend booked for me but I really liked ladies provided. Thank you DD and Fay!

  • PERFECT BODY! Believe me, she looks better in reality than in the profile pictures. She is a doll, that transforms in the bedroom into a perfect sex-machine, doing everything to please a man: good bj, real amazing anal, incredible positions... Truly remarkable! Thank you, Fay.

  • Just finished a night with Luck and Fay. 2 really nice girls that go the extra mile to make sure you will be happy. 100% recommended.

  • Had an overnight booking with her.. she is thinner than her photos.. Very caring and loving.. ready for any possible positions.. highly active for all night session.. she drained all the energy out of me.. now I'm worried about other bookings..;-)

  • This was 2nd visit in as many days.... this time I seleted Kayla and Fay. Again to give a variety based on their published skills. They are very good in what they do..... she has an amazing ass, a hidden surprise (maybe I did not notice earlier)

    She was amazing with her BBBJ.... and beyond. Very unique, cute look.

    The room was clean... manager David was very approachable, friendly and to the point. The front desk is very well kept... with a bar for you to relax before you select your girl(s).

    David - you rock too and I liked your approach. I will return and I will send all my friends who come here to Pattaya to Devi's Den.

  • if u r looking for a GFE she is the best choice.... I booked her twice in my last 1 month tour of thailand.

  • I consider myself to be a cautious guy and I have to admit that I read many reviews about the DD before taking 'the plunge'.
    I booked Fay for a 2 hour incall and as her partner, she chose Gik. I can confidently and honestly say that those 2 hours were absolutely superb - an amazing and fantastic experience. Fay and Gik worked so well together (and on me of course ), they put me at ease, relaxed me and then took me to height I firmly believe I hadn't reached before.
    Both Fay and Gik are quite petite and frail looking, but please don't let this fool's like putting dynamite and the fuse together resulting in a most amazing explosion!!

    Thank you both very very much for and outstanding time and of course, thanks to Dave as well who is exceptional just and great to talk too.

    Ian Bradshaw
  • I capped off my three weeks in Pattaya with a VIP Bus ride to the airport with Fay and Angie. How can there be so many ANGELS at the DEVIL'S Den? -- Ron

  • Fay is very beautiful girl. am spend my best time with fay . thanks fay ,you are fantastic girl . am go to back my country but I miss u baby . take care and smile ok

  • Fay is very good and nice girl.I enjoy my time with her!!

  • Rode the VIP Bus from my hotel in Pattaya to the Bangkok airport. Gik and Fay accompanied me. They are both sweethearts, highly recommended. I'll see them again next time I visit Pattaya in a few months. -- Ron

  • Fay is a really nice girl, pretty and sweet and affectionate. She tries really hard to please. I would recommend her highly. She's what I would call the Girl Friend Experience, in fact. ... Ron

  • My girlfriend and I saw Fay and her friend Hanna. We both thought, afterwards, it was the best sex of our lives!

    We chose Fay, because of her sweet innocent face.

    I was inside Hanna and made her come multiple times, and she was making the most beautiful moaning sounds. If you get this girl, guys, you will have to go slow. She's a little younger, and more sensitive. But ramp her up slowly and she's fantastic!! Taoist thrusting rocks!!

    In the mean time, Fay was licking my lady, and it made my lady start moaning .... (ohhh my) and I saw she was close, so I ordered her to come. She did! Then I picked up the pace with Hanna -- more moaning -- and Fay was so horny she came too. All 3 ladies in beautiful harmony for me! Mmmmmmmm.

    OK, it wasn't really for me -- for them, but I loved it very much. My lady remembers kissing the girls after the sex, as much as the coming (women are so sensitive).

    Fay will be excellent if a woman is there. And true, she is not sweet in an innocent way, but she is sweet in a pleasing sort of way. She loves it, especially with woman. I also was with Fay, before Hanna (thank you black ant) and that was really great too. All sorts of positions.

    Gentlemen, this was truly amazing sex. Fay knows what to do to please you and will do it.



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