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Just a pocket size bundle of fun is our Gik, tiny in stature but with a huge capacity to please. This is one little spinner that will rock your boat again and again. With fair English she is a fun lady to be with who still retains that innocent girl next door aura.

Gik is currently on holiday therefore we are not taking bookings for her at this time

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  • excellent girlfriend,funny,kind and always helpful,I needed a nurse at times she was perfect.she is a gret companion and a perfectionist at her job thank you Gik until next year thanks to David on his good advice

  • Gik is the whole package. Great in bed, outstanding company. Bubbly bubbly lady who makes me 10 years younger

  • Imagine regaining consciousness. Blood rushes back into your brain and you open your eyes to see the perfect tight little bodies of Gik and Far hovering on and over you right after you released the largest load of your life.

    Very good combination and worked really well together like biscuits and gravy. Gik has that softness I really like and Far has the firmness that worked well with Gik.

    King Cobra
  • On my last trip to Pattaya I decided I should spoil myself so I booked the Devil's Den bus to Pattaya. I had see that Airports in Thailand had had some waiting time to get through immigration on occasions recently so I opted for the full service bus, getting whisked through the VIP immigration and getting to choose my to escorts to Pattaya.
    I was taken to my waiting bus and was greeted by the smiling Gik and Luck. I chose them as they had lots of positive reviews together.
    I was not disappointed! After some refreshments it was time to get naked.
    Having a threesome is always great fun and Gik and Luck were great fun.
    After sex it was more much needed refreshments, snacks and chat and then they decided it was BJ time....and I had thought once was fine. Anyway they gave me the best BJ.
    I can not recommend the bus and these girls highly enough.
    The driver was grreat and courteous and David did a great job organising my trip at very short notice.
    Thank you to you all.

  • The English terminology has been adjusted in this review to met with the guidelines. We have attempted to stay with the spirit of the reviewers meaning

    "All I can say is Gik loves her job. She's a little spinner that loves to demonstrate her skills and skills she most definitely has.

    I have found many Thai girls just go through the motions. Not Gik......she rides like her life depends on it and trust me she taste so sweet I get hard still thinking about her now.

    Justin Steamboat
  • AAAAA+++++
    Very good lady!
    See you next holyday

  • Great sex

  • Had the pleasure of Gik's company for an overnight with Vicky and then an all day solo afterwards. She is absolutely amazing! Crossing both GFE and PSE she is a thorough professional! I just had to pick her up again later for an in house call with Yui and another solo overnight on my last day. I have absolutely zero regrets and 100% satisfaction. Well, my one regret is that I won't be back for a year!

  • I've booked beautiful, smart and Witty Gik few hours before I had to leave to the airport. all I need was a BJ and boy I amazed about her oral capabilities. she let me cum a big load in her mouth and made sure that i was clean before she went to the toilet to unload her mouth.

    *she has very good English

    thanks Gik

    Chang Noi
  • Had the pleasure of gik and lucks company earlier this week,I have to say both girls were first class,sexy and took ages for me to cum but they never once complained,and they managed to drag a load outta me in the end,afterwards we had a few drinks in the bar and had a good laugh,lady drinks are cheap and I really enjoyed my last night in pattaya thanks to gik and luck,a special mention David who organised a taxi back to my hotel and a taxi from my hotel to Bangkok airport which ran like clockwork, so many thanks again to gik,luck and David. Cheers. .

  • Gik is one of my favorites at the Den. Again, I like them petite and sexy and she completely fit that bill. She's amazing! She gets a big 10 out of 10 from me!!!

  • I spent the night with 20 girls from the DD. Gik is a really cute girl and while Cory has the best body Gik has the prettiest face.

  • Me and my partner picked Gik and Toni. They both know how to satisfy and excellent together or when there separate. We where very happy with our choice, so much so that we keep picking them.

    Ken and Da
  • For a novice girl on girl Gik made me feel comfortable, horny and right at home. Having my partner watch didnt phase her. She even encouraged him to join in. Heaps of fun inside and outside of the bedroom.

    australisan visitors
  • Amazing.. As they say in thailand its easy to find a girl but difficult to find a GOOD girl... Gik got an amazing attitude and sense of companionship... Had one of the best times on trip with her..

  • I had this lovely girl (GIK) and other girl (Baye) last night.I been first time with them and need to say they are amazing !!!by all aspect ,Very organized ,clean,warm welcoming and best manager (David) and no problem to talk English .Gik was wonderful girl and funny and good talker and professional for bedtime!!!that was really and really!!Baye also was good just shy!!!but both as package was wonderful .No need to ask them!? they know why they coming and what to do!!!! I was porn star in my bed!!!
    Never go to any place in Pattaya looking for girl . They are very clean and careful as well.I strongly recommend it to everyone and I will beck again.

  • Rode the VIP Bus from my hotel in Pattaya to the Bangkok airport. Gik and Fay went with me. They are both sweethearts, highly recommended. I will see them again next time I visit Pattaya, in a few months. -- Ron

  • DD is the place to be if you are a woman who is interested to have a short or longstay with a beautiful Thai girl. I went there with my husband and we both wanted to enjoy some ladies company for a few hours, seperately. The manager, advised me some girls which are really good with women and I choose Gik. As for the second lady I asked Gik for advise and her choice was Luck. Both ladies were really sweet, sexy and very teasing and we three had a good time. I had both girls for a second date as outcall and it was even more fun in the hotelroom. For women these kind of clubs are a mens world but once you get in, the manager let you feel like home and all I can say to all the women who are interested in a few hours of exciting moments with the most beautiful women on earth: go for it. Let your fantasy come true and have some fun. Gik and Luck were really really sweet and next time when I am in Pattaya I will go back to DD for sure.

  • Just finished an overnight booking. Gik is a pretty girl with a lovely body and a great ass. She asks what you like and delivers a great service. Very wet soft BJ. Recommended if you are a fan of slim cute girls.

  • Had an in house session with Gik. She is one of the 1st ladies of the Den that I ever saw. She was a great package then, and has gotten better with time. I have had a hard time getting to book her because she is so popular, and for a very good reason. VG English, pairs well with lady who weak on English

  • For my 1st ever threesome I asked for Sandra plus girl of her choice - Gik. What a stunning pair with such drive to give pleasure. Gik took the lead and she has a lovely sense of humour. DD say you are the star and director - director yes but the stars are the girls. If you like slim and the cutest bums on the planet then book this pair before they retire. Thanks girls for a memorable 2 hours out call :-)

    Bob 2
  • Me and my husband had the pleasure of Gik and Jenna, they payed special attention to me where i had to ask Jenna to please pleasure my husband because i was so satisfied by the two girls. Gik had me cumming even after the 4 times wirh both of them. I also had the pleasure of returning the favor! Didn't do a lot of talking but her performance in bed was phenominal.

  • spent 3 hours with Gik last night. What a babe. Fantastic personality and seriously sexy lady with eyes that would melt a heart of stone. Thanks Gik and see you soon again..

  • this was my first time with Gik and she didn't disappoint. Does everything on the menu without being asked and has a woderful personality.

  • Man Proposes...Women make the proposal a memorable one...Devils Den is one such avenue. The Imps are real oommpphhssssss. Gik was the choice for the night and there is no regrets. it was a NIGHT TO REMEMBER...look forward to coming back to you soon... Cheers !!!

  • Gik and another new lady had a fantastic in house 90 minutes. Gik has one of th nices butts at the Den. Put a walnut between her butt cheeks and I sware she could crack it. What a nice tool to have at home. English and sense of humor great, and all her other skills are tops. Small lady but great shape. She is a must, but reserve in advance, I always have a hard time getrting her on short notice.

  • This was my second time with this lovely lady , Gik, after numerous attempts to set up an appointment with this lady.She is a sweet little lady who very thoughtful, caring and sweet and a holy terror when it comes to pleasing a man. She has a lovely body and a simply put, a great ass. My first visit with Gik, she was quiet, but now I know she is a chatterbox with very good english. First time the other lady was a big talker, Gik played the quiet role. She great working alone or with another lady.

  • Her nice small body was near to kill me!Thanks and see You later this evening;)

  • I had the pleasure of booking Gik & Cherie for a day. After that I went on
    > and booked Gik for the rest of my visit, 8 more days. She was wonderful in
    > all areas. Her English is pretty good so she was able to translate for me
    > while out on the town. She is a knockout, it has been two weeks and I still
    > miss this girl, WOW! I also booked a few other girls for overnights with
    > Gik; she performed every time with complete satisfaction & interaction.
    > Cannot wait to see her on my next visit. Best duo was Gik & Maggie, this is
    > a must do combo. DD rules!

    Jim from AFG
  • Very cute bitnaughty sweet girl. Great Service good expirience anyway.Hope can meet Gik soon again . Thank you so much

  • Very nice and kind girl. She's very powerfull lady and she have very very nice body particilary amazing ass. I very appreciate the good and sweety BJ

  • My 1st in house with 2ladies, Gik and Cookie. Gik is great. Has a butt I wanted to take home and is better looking than her picture. Now keep this in mind. I am 72, yet in 3 hours with them, time went to fast. Oral sex great, both ways for over 2 hours of the time together, and they/shemanaged to get 3 out of me. We joked around, talked and just had a great overall time. Will be back to DD, more than worth the money.Gik a solid 10.

  • had the pleasure of this beauty along with Dew for overnight...simply put, awesome!

    Jug Head
  • Thanx for you visit here at Pattaya Klang. Very good job.

  • Great girl and I was also surprised by her small size. Great head, I almost passed out it was so good. She pulled 3 out of me very easily in the alotted 90 minutes. She was so good I returned to take her a few days later and again had a great time with her and Penny.

    King Cobra
  • Nice girl next door. Really sexy ass!

  • Had her stay over night. Perfect body and oral skills to die for. Thought I was back in high school.

  • Spent my last night in Pattaya with Gik & Far, What I night!! Can't wait till im back. There's somethig about Gik, she looks to nice to be in a place like this but looks can be deceiving and when it comes to the bedroom she is a girl that loves to please. can't wait to see her again :)

  • A first for me, in that this is Gik's first review. Took her over night and was warned by the guy in the Den that this would be her first solo. I liked her look and attitude so still went ahead and am glad that I did. What a cracking little girl she is, great fun and so desperate to please and do well. Its fair to say that she still has to get the polish on one or two of her skills but I enjoyed this girl so much that I will definitely be back for more. Give her a month or two and Rose wil have to start looking over her shoulder.

  • What a sweetheart, great package as well. pent the night with her and it was all it should be and more



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