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Talk about a heat-seeking missile, this fiery pocket rocket may seem lost at first but once she gets locked in nothing is going to keep her off her target until you drop the payload! Gwen has limited English skills but it might not matter because when she gets the cross-hairs on your heat source there may not be much time or need for words. And the only thing she wants after the splatter is for her target to reload and relaunch. Here comes the Boom!

English: Limited

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  • Management: This was a 4 lady booking done by his friend as a surprise to Mr. M.

    Feedback from Mr. M

    Best experience in his life, now he has nothing to look forward to in life, the girls were professional they exactly knew what to do, and said he very happy it didn't end with awkward discussion about how much he should pay in Tip to them, none asked they had all behaved as professional all the way !

    Thanks, i will use this service another time again !

    "Wish it was me " - Mr. J

    Mr. J
  • nice

  • Last night Dinner Date with Gwen. Spend about 5 hours together,very nice lady. English not good, but I can speak Thai, so no problem. I think language is not problem with her, because always can use translators etc. if anything else no help.

    If you want lady who know how can make you happy, I recommend Gwen for you. I think you donĀ“t get disapointed.

    Thank you Gwen

  • Pattaya was unsatisfying since I booked the devils den experience. 1 Night out call service.

    Gwen is a very nice person. Made my last night here the best one I had in pattaya. She is caring and a funny typ. Good service. Really eager to please. English is poor but I came along with her very well.

    If all girls in dd do service that good, it is probably one of the best address in pattaya.

    Online booking is quick and the response time is short. If your desired girl is not available Mr. David will sent you an email will available and recommended girls.

    Already recommended this to some friends. Just to let you know better book 1-3 days, because after 1 Night you will miss their ambitioned service. Still thinking about extend my stay for 3 hours until my transfer arrives to book a dd girl.

    And as always... remember to look good, smell good and tip good.

  • Met Gwen and Fay on my last day holiday. Nice and sweet ladies who work their hardest to make me satisfied.Thanks ladies

  • Gwen Gwen Gwen all the way. Fantastic lady. Much better in person than the pictures. Absolute professional and sweetheart. Recommended. Until next time...thank you,,and thanks to DO....

  • i love u my beautyfull

  • Wow! Gwen is a supergirl! Never seen so much energy in one person. I booked her for an overnight and I was sad because I did not book her for couple of days. We went to disco and she danced couple of hours. When we went back home was like she just woke up. Very very good for taking care about everything you need to have a good experience and vacation. She speak a little English but believe me, her skills inside and outside bed compensate the language skills. Smile all time! Ready all time for everything! If you know a little Thai or do not care about girl language skills it is one of the best choice from DD.

    I want to say couple of words about DD. Managers are very professional. I met David 3 years ago and he is unchanged. If you need something, ask and trust in his recommendations.

  • Maybe she has not been in this club for long, or people are fooled by her in the lineup. What i do not get is how she can be such sweetheart and yet so frigging good at what she does. Best I have had.

  • Best girl

  • I spent the night with 20 different girls at the DD. My 1st night was with Gwen. She was sweet and loving and worked hard to satisfy me I highly recommend her. Great at PSE and GFE.



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