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Netta packs a smile as warm as sunshine, a upbeat attitude that is very eager to please and a body like homemade sin.

Sweet on the taste buds and on the heart this girl brings you both the girl next door and the one your mum warned you about, all in a single neat tasty package. Her English is Limited but she is definitely skilled at what she does.

English: Limited

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  • Couples Booking:

    Just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful experience with Eve and Netta. Was really impressed with there attitude to please as well as focus on hygiene. We had fun time with them.

    Mr. R
  • Ma married couple, it was our first experience, very afraid the first time. But Netta was great, paid attention to both equally wonderful. Thank you DD, super club and service !!!

  • Management: This was a 4 lady booking done by his friend as a surprise to Mr. M.

    Feedback from Mr. M

    Best experience in his life, now he has nothing to look forward to in life, the girls were professional they exactly knew what to do, and said he very happy it didn't end with awkward discussion about how much he should pay in Tip to them, none asked they had all behaved as professional all the way !

    Thanks, i will use this service another time again !

    "Wish it was me " - Mr. J

    Mr. J
  • Netta was truly Amazing!
    Thanks David!

  • Have lived in Pattaya over 10 years now, have had the pleasure of many of the Beautiful imps from DD.

    Had a 2hr. out call with Netta, always smiling and happy, has a great attitude, very slim and sexy, no baby.

    Netta goes all out to please you in every way non stop.

    Netta uses Google translator if you cannot speak Thai.
    As her English is Limited.

    Would highly recommend 10 ++++++++++++++++++++

    From Management: Thanks for the very generous review as there were some minor issues that we resolved because she is fairly new to us. Thanks for your understanding Brian!

    Brian Gerrard
  • I booked another lady but she had some problems so, David recommended Netta. Thank you DD for such a super lady. Very beautiful and sweet. Very playful in and out of bed. Very limited English but you do really not need English with Netta. Super sexy body, super accommodating, very good in the bed, tries many positions without problems. Netta face in not like Thai and this makes her more interesting and more attractive. Talk lady with long and beautiful legs. Pay attention because you can follow in love very fast. Very good companion. A must for me next time. Strongly recommend for everything.



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