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If you choose this young lady it really is your lucky day, she is fitted out with gold-seal batteries so always goes the extra mile. Her terrific personality will ensure your complete satisfaction in all you share.

English: Intermediate

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  • Booked Lucky outcall for 3 hours. Terrific meeting. All services provided was top notch. Will definitely book her again.
    Time to update her photos on the website?

    Mr. O
  • Have lived in pattaya over 10 years now, have the pleasure of many of the great imps from DD.

    Had a 2 hr out-call with Luck

    Her Skills are great, asks what you like,all ways happy and smiling, great attitude which is a great plus for me

    Luck's Reviews say's it all. 100%

    Brian Gerrard
  • I booked luck for an overnight visit. She was amazing. He skills all around will definitely get you there. She is eager to please. I had an abrupt change in travel plans, and only got to spend about 2 and a half hours with her. I can tell you that it didn’t matter, I had nothing left! She fit more than a nights worth of fun into a few hours! I would definitely recommend luck!

  • November 2018 - I was a lucky gut that I had Luck for a late night special and very honestly every second of the 4 hours has been a pleasure.
    She has a very nice, funny and cute personality and I think it's impossible to not like her. Her English is quite good and the sense of humor even better. We had a lot of fun the whole time, even during the breaks.
    Every single minute she was lovely carrying and just never lost the focus and power.
    She loves oral and anal and that you can feel. Left me after 4 hours with a big smile

  • Oh my gosh. I just had Luck for an outcall today. I thank god, Buddha and Zeus that I am a very sane person - otherwise I'd been married to Luck right now. Not only she is a very attractive and sexy lady, she also is a very sensitive, kind, friendly, funny and lovely girl as well. Sweet in having a conversation and taking care of you. Her list of do's will not let any wish or dream of you unfulfilled. It seems she is more addicted to sex than you as her client - and you will not feel beeing her customer at all. If you read this Luck: I wish you all the best!

  • On my last trip to Pattaya I decided I should spoil myself so I booked the Devil's Den bus to Pattaya. I had see that Airports in Thailand had had some waiting time to get through immigration on occasions recently so I opted for the full service bus, getting whisked through the VIP immigration and getting to choose my to escorts to Pattaya.
    I was taken to my waiting bus and was greeted by the smiling Gik and Luck. I chose them as they had lots of positive reviews together.
    I was not disappointed! After some refreshments it was time to get naked.
    Having a threesome is always great fun and Gik and Luck were great fun.
    After sex it was more much needed refreshments, snacks and chat and then they decided it was BJ time....and I had thought once was fine. Anyway they gave me the best BJ.
    I can not recommend the bus and these girls highly enough.
    The driver was grreat and courteous and David did a great job organising my trip at very short notice.
    Thank you to you all.

  • I was so lucky to spend last night with this beauty. If you choose her you will not regret. What an amazing girl. Want to give you 10 out of 10. She is a real sex bomb in bed and has amazing hands and skills to massage. She sent me to heaven few times. Enjoyed anal sex with her and nearly died the third time I had sex in one night. She is hardcore type of girls who will rock your body. She can easily go extra mile. Thanks DD club. Love you Luck XXX


  • I had my first ever Nuru Massage with Luck a few days ago and it was wonderful. While the actual massage was a satisfying experience, Luck made it memorable. Luck is a sensuous, attractive, energetic sex machine. Her bubbly personality is superseded only by her desire to please. And please she does. Regardless of your taste in women, you will not be disappointed with Luck.

    My vacation was cut short due to business and I regret not being able to return to the DD this trip. But on my next visit to Thailand I will definitely return to spend more time with Luck and some of the other ladies at the Den.

  • just had a session with Gik and Luck.
    they sent me to heaven
    i will be back in Oct and book both of them
    great time with both worth every penny!!!

  • Good lady! AAAAA+++++++
    Choose with gik!
    Thank you, see you next holyday.

  • Just finished a night with Luck and Fay. 2 really nice girls that go the extra mile to make sure you will be happy. 100% recommended.

  • You are fantastic!
    Hope to meet you again on my next visit to Pattaya.


    I have never had a massage like that before and absolutely loved it. Luck is beautiful, sexy and did a great job!

    11 Stars out of 10 to Luck and DD!

    Kim from Denmark
  • Had the pleasure of luck and gik on my last night in pattaya, 2 funny girls who really worked hard,if they remember mike from Ireland lol.totally recommend luck very funny girl and gik too.big shout out to David who sorted me out for taxis.Cheers.
    ps.a few lady drinks at reasonable prices go a long way.

  • I m having luck now.. very beautiful girl.. very good kisser.. words cannot describe what she is.. no wonder how she got these many reviews.. but I say she is a worth booking.. beautiful ass and pussy.. thank you dd..

  • We had the privilege to have Luck & Vanessa. Wow, what a team. The BJ's were amazing and my wife had some of the best orgasims of her life. We can't wait until our next visit to Devils Den. XOXO

    Heather & Jason
  • Guyz Luck is with me now. I hav seen many girls in Devils den but she is right on top. Very bubbly, energetic always ready to please u. U can hav all ur fantasy come true with her. Best blow job ever. Good gfe. She is all in one package. Book her and enjoy. She is my darling.

  • Full night with Luck and Vicky was different experience. She is very bubbly personality, funny, aggressive in bed and nice girl. She always helps to communicate with Vicky. Had a good time while around Pattaya at night and good in bed too. Next time would like to see her again.

  • DD is the place to be if you are a woman who is interested to have a short or longstay with a beautiful Thai girl. I went there with my husband and we both wanted to enjoy some ladies company for a few hours, separately. The manager, advised me some girls which are really good with women and I choose Gik. As for the second lady I asked Gik for advise and her choice was Luck. Both ladies were really sweet, sexy and very teasing and we three had a good time. I had both girls for a second date as outcall and it was even more fun in the hotelroom. For women these kind of clubs are a mens world but once you get in, the manager let you feel like home and all I can say to all the women who are interested in a few hours of exciting moments with the most beautiful women on earth: go for it. Let your fantasy come true and have some fun. Gik and Luck were really, really sweet and next time when I am in Pattaya I will go back to DD for sure.

  • Saw Luck again in house with a new lady. Luck is just great, comments by others prove that. Luck is perfect in house choice to double her up with a new lady whose english is not so good. Luck has no problem helping with any conversation with other lady. Luck's English is VG.

  • Had another session to add to my many happy sessions with Luck. As you can see from her reviews, she is a bit hit with customers of DD, and of course me included. Shr truly deserves all the positive comments and remains as one of my top ladies at the Den. See you again very soon, and I will be smart enough to reserve time with you.

  • had luck and Sasha together fabulous luck has a great sense of humor and fantastic in bed

  • What a darling lady ! I had a true girl friend experience unlike most of the bargirls attitude problem. Oh yea, the sex was incredible ! you go girl !

  • last day&night I stay in my hotel with luck and summer.
    luck is a very nice girl,funny with great skills,experience ...and summer has a so nice pretty face and a body I"never forget.
    P.S:I think luck has forget earrings in my room;I keep them and if it is important for her I can send them back to her.

  • Booked Luck for an overnighter she is mad but so pretty and horny this girl is awesome in BJ and all services Im not small but handled me very well so bubbly and friendly we just relaxed and had wicked sex more than once she has the art of getting you hard even when you think you cannot.I rate her and Didi on same par when I am in Pattaya next in 2 months will book both for overnighter or whole day.

  • I had luck overnight yesterday (2 Sep'13) and what a awesome time.She gives a mindblowing BJ and loves getting oral. Everytime I was finished, she would somehow ready me up. a perfect companion for night, will have lots of memories, will come back again :)

  • Luck here is another review for you to be added to my many past reviews of great times with you. Luck is a very funny lady to be with, makes you feel special and one little sex package, delivers every time and as much as you want. I believe in having a few special ladies to see at the Den, like that I am happy to see you again feeling you get when the lady remembers you. A must when visiting the Den, will not disappoint you.

  • Had an in house session with Luck and Holly. I needed a cheering up for the past month was full of problems and headaches from back home with my 5 kids. Luck is an extremely cheerful lady ALL the time, to go along with her other fine qualities. When the session was over, my problems were all but forgotten and now in the past. Thanks Luck for another great time.

  • This lady combines the warmth and gentleness of a GFE with exceptional PSE skills. I spent a day with her, and we laughed the whole time. Her stamina was excellent, and I am no neophyte.

  • Luck, Luck, Luck. You are an absolute pleasure to be with. Took Luck overnite, first to movies then back to hotel. She was a lot of fun taking her to see an falong movie. Later in the hotel, she just keeps on going at top speed, like a well tuned race car. The lady is got to be one of the top of the list of DD ladies a pleasing a man. Will keep on seeing her and keep on dreaming of her.

  • Cannot get luck off my mind. A few days ago had session in house with her for 2 hrs and was amazing. Booked her again with the same results, 2 hours with her went so fast , I was shocked when the time was up. Luck is so good, good english, great personality and sense of humor, and non stop fantastic action in bed. Luck is one heck of a lady and a MUST see for everyone who goes to DD. BJ one of best at DD

  • Had another great session with Luck, in house for 2 hours. She is one of my favorites. Great personality and a ton of fun. One of the best BJ at the Den and does not slow down, just keeps going. One of the best and fastest 2 hours I ever had at the Den. You just got to be with this lady and you to will being with her. Makes you fell like a King.

  • Took Lady Luck out for an overnighter, like the extra time with her because she is so much fun. Took her to see the Part 2 of the Vampire movie, she loved it. It really perked her up for she was great when we got back to the room. I have seen Luck many times, but this nite was the best. She really liked being brought to the movie, don't happen much for her. She really made me glad that I did go to the movie. She is a very warm lady, great sense of humor, and great in bed. I will keep on seeing her.

  • I must say first I did not know what I was getting myself into. I had the pleasure of Luck and Nina. I am a big guy so I said to myself " I got this". Yeah right, I tried as long as I could but the oral was out of this world. Both ladies kept saying "you want more"! Do not underestimate this woman. It took me awhile to post but I will be back soon and guess what? I gotta get this woman! AMAZING!

    Jaffe Joffer
  • Had another session with Luck, and as usual it was Good Luck for me. Cannot say enoungh good things about this lady. DO NOT miss out on her on your visit to DD. She is more than enough to go to DD the first time and experiience the way a man should be treated when with a lady.

  • Had a very good day last week and decided to top it off with a great finish to the day. Best way to do that, go see a few ladies at the Den which is what I did. Was lucky to be able to see both Luck and Cake. I guess you could say I had great Luck and finished it off with a fine piece of Cake. What two lovely ladies, a ton of laughs while having a great time. What a way to finish the day. Oh, one of the perks of living in Pattaya all year round, Devils Den.

  • Had another wonderful time in house with Luck for 90 minutes before the 3 day holiday.Cannot say enough good things about her. Each additional time I see her she is more fun than the time before. Great lady to be with.

  • Was very lucky because I was able to see Luck 2 times last week. She is not shy and loves to talk and laugh. Her english is getting better each time I see her. She has one hot shape and knows how to use it. Luck gives a great BJ and goes and goes before stopping to catch her breath. She is great alone or with any other lady you chose. She will make your time memorable

  • I once again had the good luck of being able to see Luck, this time 2 times in one week. She is a very attractive, sexy lady with a great sense of humor. She is non stop energy and very eager to please, and does what ever you want with a rating of 10+. Her BJ are unreal, non-stop, untill finished. Will see her again and again

  • Had Luck and her friend Sammi together. What a team. Luck has a great sense of humor, english a little weak, but she does not need to talk to get idea of what you want, and delivers a 10 every time. She is a beautiful lady as does Sammi, and has a loverly butt you want to bite and bring home if you could. I cannot say enough good things about Luck and her team mate, Sammi. A must do on your next visit to DD. I favor overnite but this time had time restriction, but last time had both overnight, a bargin

  • I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with Luck and Jenna today, both are very very sexy girls, who take the time to get just the spot, I will be back after a rest ;o)

  • Should be Good Luck if you see this lady. Had Luck and Sammi for an overnight, both very friendly and very good at pleasing a man. Great as a team, work great together with both of them pampering you at the same time for the whole time. Luck is really non-stop, like the energizer bunny, and loves oral sex-by her and to her.Had great conversation and a ton of laughs with these two lovelies on times where we had to take a breather before the next round. These two are a must for anyone who goes to DD. Very sexy bodies.

  • I've been watching the Devils Den website for about 18 months (since my last visit) keeping an eye on the available girls in anticipation of my next visit. I finally made the trip last month and I was so pleased to see Luck was part of the line-up. I chose her and Maggie. It was awesome! Luck was everything I hoped for. I would take this girl for a full week of they would let me. She was a perfect girl for to everything yet sweet and beautiful.

  • I had the pleasure of an all day booking on 23-09-2011 and consider Luck to be one of the cutest and naughtiest girls in town. To go with her obvious beauty and fun personality Luck has infinite energy and a passion to get you off as many times as you desire.

  • had the pleasure of an all day booking on 23-09-2011 and consider Luck to be one of the cutest and naughtiest girls in town. To go with her obvious beauty and fun personality Luck has infinite energy and a passion to get you off as many times as you desire.

  • Luck is like what dreams are made of, she has a great personality and a willing to please that you will never forget. Luck and Toni wow winning combination.

  • very nice girl,beautiful body and anything goes,had a ball with her highly reccomended,1st time to dd and she did everything i wanted and more great body average english but didnt really matter definetely best shag ive had in pattaya a+

  • Had Luck with Dar. Luck is the most hardworking lady I have ever met in my entire life. She never ever gives up but keep on going and going and going. Sexy sweet delicious and absolutely worth every second I spend with her. Would love to have her and Dar together again in the future.

  • Luck is awesome. Great fun to be with and fantastic oral skills and loves anal. Her photos don't do her justice, she's so much prettier in the flesh.

  • had luck and sammi together what a girl fun funny and just loves having her ass filled what more can i say

    old steve
  • Luck and Eat are a fantastic combination - what an experience

  • A great loking girl with a great body. Her oral skills defy belief! Very similar to Cake in personality and skills.

  • It was my first time visiting DD's and I had the pleasure of going with Luck and Rain. These 2 ladies were extraordinary. Her body was so soft to the touch and her lips, were like candy. This is a candy shop that no man could resist.

  • She looks good in light makeup. Try to tickle may get a surprise. Do treat her with respect. Simple short English for conversation is prefered.

  • This is one lady that keeps smiling all along. Lots of expression to show it cuteness and activeness. Reminds me of a bunny hoping around. A submissive lady that follows you.

  • Luck is one of the prettiest and funniest girls you will meet. These photographs do not do her justice. I booked Luck and Rain for an overnight on Saturday, a nice combination, Rain, very tall, soft mouth and legs that go on forever (but was a little hairy in parts) whereas Luck is small and has energy to burn. She reminds me of the Duracell bunny - just keeps going on and on. Her personality is fantastic and this girl is so beautiful is it is unreal. Although it was the staff party the night before, Luck never stopped, even relaxing in bed watching tv she was playing with her pussy. A real gem. Treat her well guys.

  • Funny girl, nice and gentle. Does everything you can imagine...

  • My favorite DD imp used to be Boo. But when I took Luck on a outcall my last trip all I can say is wow. She rates up there with Boo. A lady we all should be fortunate enough to meet in Pattaya. Thanks DD you guys sure know how replace em.

  • This girl is very gentle, I took her with Hom when she was learning and she did exactly what I needed, she knew how to make me ready for the next round, see u next time Luck !

  • Took luck & Eat for a 2 hour outcall on my last night in Pattaya & i can honestly say it was problably the best night of my life!! These girls are Awesome & just won't stop until u have nothing left. Eat is a seriously sexy girl who does great oral & as for luck she is crazy, beautiful & great fun. Hope to see them again soon i would recommend both 100%

  • Had Luck and Tata together on an overnight... Luck is great fun... amazing sense of Humor.. I was a bit nervous at first... that was gone in 30 seconds. Theres no stopping this girl.. Amazing!



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